Non-surgical Rhinoplasty


£150 onwards

Dermal filler placed to contour and create a smoother appearing nose.

Jawline & Jowl Contour


£180 onwards

It's recommended for jaw and jowl contour that 2ml is a starting point to see a clear result.

Chin Enhancement


£150 onwards

It's recommended for chin enhancement that 1ml in the very least is used. the Chin area tends to require over 1 ml to see a difference.

Tear Trough Filler


£180 onwards

Dermal filler delicately placed in the trough region of the eye area to smooth and filler it out.

Cheekbone Enhancement & Contour

Untitled design (10).png

£110 - 0.5ml

For a subtle enhancement and hydration, 0.5 ml may be perfect for you.

Lip Enhancement


£180 - 1ml onwards

Hydrating dermal filler is placed in the lips to create more volume and definition. 

1ml starts at

£180 for a natural style

£200 for Russain style

£230 for signature premium technique.

Fat Dissolving

1 Small Area - £100

1 Large Area - £150, then £50 per vial thereafter.

B12 Injections

£30 per injection

A Boost Course of 4 Treatments - £100

Contour Packages

 2ml - £260

3ml - £360

4ml - £450

5ml - £530

6ml - £600