Fun Fact

My business is named after my daughter Violet!


Hi my name is LJ and I'm the owner and founder of Violets and Ink

Our aim at Violets & Ink is to provide you with bespoke services and results, to enhance your beauty. 

In order to do this, we offer a variety of services personalized for you and your needs, both effectively and safely. 

My Story

‘I've always been intrigued in aesthetics; fascinated by the latest innovations of what was considered beautiful and how it was achieved. This was a huge interest of mine, even before I started my aesthetic business. I would sit for hours, researching, completely hypnotized with all the science and art behind it. This is what founded my interest in the very beginning. 

My background is a huge and stark difference from aesthetics and tattooing, where I started serving in the Royal Air Force (RAF) at the age of 18! 


Despite the stark differences in doing this highly pressurized and humbling role, I have found many characteristics from serving in the RAF that link and reflect within my business. Some of these include my own high values and expectations of myself and my very high standards. These values engrained in me from serving, has led me to adapt and integrate these values and work ethos into my aesthetics and Semi-permanent makeup business. 

Where did it all start?

It all started with a taking career break from the military to study nursing, managing a part-time job as an undertaker and studying for my entrant into nursing whilst mothering a 5-year-old (at the time). As busy I was, I felt (as crazy as it sounds) that it was the perfect opportunity to work on my passion and interest as an artist within the aesthetic industry/semi-permanent makeup industry.


Well, I decided to start with permanent makeup which of course, I fell in love with! This then led me to enhance my skillset further and finally, became an advanced aesthetics practioner.


Why do I do it?

To put it simply, the satisfaction I get from helping people's confidence and mental well-being was and is, the most incredible feeling in the world.


and now... something that was simply meant to be a hobby, became a big part of my life which I love and live to the fullest. I truly hope to meet and keep you on my incredible journey

Much love, LJ xxx '