Fat Dissolving

1 Small Area - £100

1 Large Area - £150, then £50 per vial thereafter.

B12 Injections


A Boost Course of 4 Treatments - £100

Contour Packages

 2ml - £260

3ml - £360

4ml - £450

5ml - £530

6ml - £600

Wake Up & Glow Facial

This luxurious Wake-up and Glow package, targets fine lines, dead skin and provides an 80% better absorption rate for all of your skincare. 

Enzyme Peel
Skin Feed
Manual Extraction (Blackhead removal) if required.
LED Light

During the treatment, we remove all of the congested and dead skin cells and extract your skin.

We then gently apply an enzyme peel that eats the rest of the dead skin, revealing fresh glowing skin beneath.

We feed your skin with natural hyaluronic acid, apply Retinol day cream that leaves your skin, glowing and improved.

Finally LED light therapy.


The Full Works

Lash lift & tint, - Giving you lush thicker, and lifted lashes. 

Brow Lamination & Tint/Henna - Brows that are fuller, tamed, and styled beautifully.

Luxury Dermaplane - Peach fuzz-free skin, fresh & glowing whilst allowing better skincare absorption by 80%. Makeup applies better, and leaves you with glass-like skin!

Led Light - Treatment light of your choice to either promote anti-aging, calm down acne-prone skin, or help alleviate redness.

This really is an all-round treatment to set you up for you coming weeks.


The Ultimate Skin Reboost

This combo powerhouse consists of;

Microneedling that;
Forces the skin to regenerate, 
Treats fine lines, 
Tightens pores
Improves skin texture,
overall, promotes youthful skin.

Dermaplane, with concentrated vitamin c, L-ascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid, and a painless peel! This gets rid of dead congested skin, revealing fresh baby skin.

We then treat with an LED light with varying lights that can treat acne-prone skin, redness, or further regenerate youthful properties in the skin to keep you looking younger for longer.